Fees & Services

New Referrals will always be seen for an initial assessment. Assessment may focus on a wide range of communication skills including verbal comprehension, expressive language, speech sounds, attention and listening, social communication and fluency.

Assessment includes a case history, informal observation and completion of a range of formal assessments where appropriate.

The purpose of assessment is to:

  • establish the child/young person's current communication strengths and needs.
  • gather evidence which may lead to a more specific diagnosis.
  • determine the need for therapy.
  • determine the frequency and type of therapy intervention needed.
  • provide a baseline from which measurable therapy targets can be set and future progress determined.

A written report will be provided following assessment, and copies provided for other professionals involved with the child/young person.

Screening Assessment (comparative to NHS assessment)

  • Preschool & Reception Aged Children               £90 per appointment
  • Year 1 -6 pupils                                                         £120 per appointment

Appointments are typically between 1 and 2 hours long.

The fee is inclusive of travel and assessment materials.

The fee includes provision of a written report with recommendations.

Comprehensive Assessment

For all ages    £375

This assessment involves observation of the child accessing their learning, during less structured activities and completion of formal speech & language assessment, a written report with advice, strategies to support access to the learning environment, recommendations/programme of therapeutic activities (with resources as necessary) and onward referral as appropriate.

Attendance at meetings:     £90 per hour (or part thereof)

Medico-Legal Work

In-depth Assessment         £90 per hour (or part thereof)

Detailed Written Report     £250 for full report (and any later amendments)

Attendance at meetings     £90 per hour (or part thereof)

Assessment charges are only made for direct face-to-face time. There are no additional charges for travel or assessment resources. A contribution towards cost of travel will be requested for journeys over 20 miles. There is a one off fee of £250 in addition to face-to-face assessment costs for all time spent writing the report. There will be no further charges for amendments made to the report or subsequent reports/letters.


Therapy sessions:                 for all ages £70 per session

A session generally lasts a minimum of 1 hour (there is no additional cost for input given beyond the first hour) and includes feedback to parent/carer/referring practitioner.

The fee is inclusive of travel, resources, preparation/administration time and liaison with other professionals.

Therapy will be tailored to each child/young person's individual needs and an intervention may include:

  • regular 1:1 therapy sessions (these may take place at the child/young person's home, educational setting, another designated environment and/or a combination of both)
  • A home programme with suggested activities and the provision of resources (for frequent practise between therapist's visits)
  • A school programme with strategies for accessing learning within the classroom, activities for individual or small group working, suggested targets for the School Based Plan and provision of appropriate resources (where a member of staff has been allocated regular time to work with the child/young person)
  • Paired/small group therapy at school if appropriate

Therapy sessions can be observed by parents, teaching staff, other key support staff. Feedback from sessions is always provided and I am available to answer questions after each session. Each child/young person will have a clear, measurable therapy aim set. These will fall under different communication skills headings and can be incorporated into the child/young person's School Based Plan (if appropriate). Targets are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Progress is summarised in a report.

Should a child/young person be accessing Speech & Language Therapy from the local NHS Service, I will always try and liaise with the Speech & Language Therapist and work collaboratively.

Training Packages

Training packages for whole staff or staff groupings eg. Foundation Stage/Key Stages, teaching/learning support staff. This can be tailored to school progression plans and staff requirements. Packages can include promoting a language friendly classroom, understanding speech, language and communication development and the impact on learning, developing strategies to support pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties in the school environment (including effective language use).Please contact me to discuss your training needs.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payment is required at each appointment.

This fee structure will remain fixed until at least August 2015.